About the company

When Saimaan Saaristo- ja Veneilypalvelut (SSV Oy) was founded in year 2011, it was obvious to us what we wanted to do – to give our customers unforgettable nature experiences on the Lake Saimaa, the Europe`s fourth biggest freshwater lake and a home to the endangered Saimaa ringed seal. From the beginning it was also clear that our goal was not just deliver our customers sightseeing and wonderful scenery but also share knowledge and stories of this magnificent ecosystem. And we have succeeded to conquer many hearts from all around the world with our willingness to serve our customer with care and open heart. With many years experience in boating and being a professional in fishing and sea rescuing we want to ensure our customer a rewarding and safe trip. We are a small company and it brings us many advantages in our operating environment in tailoring cruises and listening to our customers needs.

Our vessel M/S Kuutti (which means baby seal in Finnish) is registered as a charter boat for 12 passengers plus crew and is perfect for a bigger family or a group of friends. There is space outside on the deck to sit and enjoy the sun and the scenery, but in case of rain there is enough of room to sit inside as well. Traveling speed can vary a lot, we can glide calm thru narrow canals or when there is bigger lake opening ride the waves and enjoy the feeling of the wind in our hair.

To make your experience more complete we have designed packages together with our partners from Mikkeli area. Check our packages here or contact to get more information. Warmly welcome to Lake Saimaa!

Best Regards,

M/S Kuutin Kippari Harri Kerkelä
M/S Kuutin Kippari Harri Kerkelä